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We are a group of people, lovers of beauty and harmony, eager to promote the well-being of individuals, in the totality of mind-body-spirit.

Our philosophy is based on respect for man and nature.

We were born about 35 years ago, by the inspiration of our friend GIANFRANCO BIANCHI, beautician, color therapy, Reiki Master, innovative and imaginative person, who left us in 2008.

His energy is still living through his products, processed and prepared with care by a team of specialists and enthusiasts of professional cosmetics and Aesthetics.

Love and Care of the little things makes the line IBISCO a line of treatments where nature and the active ingredients of mineral origin are expertly blended to the latest technology, with which the Beautician can freely express his creativity, his professionalism and competence.

Good navigation on the part of the whole group HIBISCUS SWEET AESTETIC!